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Today's Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, October 8, 12222
  1. Today's Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, October 8, 12222
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Rocking with the Stars Response Source — Brit celeb astrologer will headline Glastonbury rock festival…. Astrology Hospitals News Track — Banaras university uses astrology to cure heart ailments…. Upward Eye Times of India — Brick-and-mortar builder passed through astrology to astronomy, now forecasts weather…. Triple Eclipses Mid-Day — Instead of the usual pair, we get three together this year, and six more triplets in the next decade.

Does this mean a triple-whammy? The Pagoda Peril Taipei Times — Astrologers continue to construe ominous future for junta after pagoda collapse…. Celestial Engineer Manorama — Astrology site giant Ganesha Speaks was actually the inspiration of an engineer….

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Huge Henge National Geographic — The remains of a giant circular temple complex 1, years older than Stonehenge has just turned up in crop-circle-like aerial photos…. Solar Cycles and Climate Examiner — Part 1 of a series on how the Sun and planets interact to form historical climate variations…. Sunspot Mystery Solved NASA — The Sun has been spotless for disturbingly long, but now there appears to be an explanation, deep inside its fiery furnace….

Dog Stars EIN — Planetary positions are linked with puppy breeding and development in new experiments…. Star-Struck Temple Asia Times — Celestial skullduggery and desperate moves to ward off fate as temple collapses in astrology-wrapped Burma….

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Court Matters Express Buzz — Legal battle continues in ongoing astrology temple scandal we began covering years ago…. Revealing Eclipses Astrobiology — Lunar eclipses help spot exoplanets favorable to life…. Broken Dwarf New Scientist — Moon apparently took a bashing from pieces of smashed-up wanderer…. Eclipses Forever Science Daily — Earthbound study of solar eclipses still leads to discovery, especially from upcoming, extra-long one….

Today's Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, October 8, 12222

Worlds In Collision Space. Fingerprints St. Petersburg Times — Astrologers are presumed guilty until proven innocent under blue law renewal…. Lunar Eclipse Tales Softpedia — What we see during a lunar eclipse could be clue to exoplanets and life in other solar systems…. Disastrous Date ekantipur — Astrologers picked a bad day to convene, indeed…. Zoned Out Chicago Tribune — Fortunetellers are rezoned, astrologers object….

Canadian Casters Booming Canada. Rice Spin NY Times — After oxen give a bad crop forecast, local astrologer feels compelled to spin it to the press…. Lethal Lunar AJC. And The Winner Will Be… Samaylive, more — In big Indian election, some starcasters say BJP will triumph, except for those who say the opposite… but the right forecast will win a prize…. Placebo Effect?

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Stereo Moon Universe Today — This one works, even when you cross your eyes…. Cosmic Cooling? Cleveland Plain Dealer — Sun losing its luster? Could be…. Pluto Girl Passes Fox — Venetia Phair, the year-old girl who named Pluto, has died at age 90, just two weeks after her documentary aired…. The elections have been in conflict with the stars all over the Subcontinent…. Apocalypse Soon!? More on , etc. Sun Revives Wired — Solar storms are rounding the bend, picking up after a long hiatus. Are we ready for the next round, or will it be a solar Katrina? New Age Dead? Llewellyn Journal — Not according to its major publisher, but the term is getting a wee musty…neo-post-new-age, maybe?

Hungry for Predictions Time — The British Astrological and Psychic Society reports demand for readings rising faster than the country's national debt…. Horoscope Bingo! Webwire — Starcaster to lead Brit bingo show, make player predictions…hungry, indeed…. Charmed Enforcer Stuff.

We Are All Related Examiner — Book review of a work that in part integrates astrology into, well, everything…. Technical Aspect Oscillator EIN Presswire — That mouthful depicts another new proof of how astrological aspects may affect the markets….


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Her story in a new documentary…. Moon Wine Toronto Life — Canadian Niagara biodynamic wine, grown by astrological timing, debuts…meanwhile they're sipping it in Pittsburgh Our Dimming Star Daily Mail — The Sun is not only unusually spotless, its whole output has weakened…could be historical key to recession? More Peril Assam Times — Assam has even worse to look forward to, say starcasters….

Venus Disappears NASA — Between a meteor shower and an occultation, the planet of love will momentarily vanish in a very sweet lunar occultation, the morning of April 22…. Thai Chaos Wall St. Journal — Leading astrologer says current state of emergency will dissolve government, while former strong man Thaksin lurks…. Predictor Palaver ExpressBuzz — In the country with the most astrologers, starcasters huddle to peer ahead, including possible partition of Pakistan coalition in India…. All Agog Thai Indian — The Subcontinent is a-buzz with celestial predictions on coming election cycle….

Midnight Magnetism New Scientist — Fluctuating geomagnetism directly effects your dreams, according to new research…. Vedic Watch Walletpop — Like, the watch on your wrist. Prosperity Rape Hindustan Times — The seamier side of Subcontinent starcasters and their clients…more details here… and yet elsewhere, a murder…. Baby Planning mysinchew — Burmese astrologers to launch site for expectant moms to pick auspicious birth times, for arranging Caesarians….

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Could it be entwined with no booze at the wedding see spirits story below? Pluto Girl Offbeat O. Unified Cycle Theory PR. Good Aspect, Ill Spirits DNA India — On the most auspicious marriage day of the year, when tens of thousands will get hitched, the government is banning alcohol…. Mixed Results BloggingStocks — Astrologer Arch Crawford did proud most of , calling for meltdown, but missed this full Moon call we reckon two murder sprees took up that explosive energy ….

Your July Horoscope, Revealed

Planet P? Time — Another massive unknown planet lurking? Garden Of Eden? Fruit Astrology Express India — Following in the footsteps of parrots and palm leaves, fruits…succulent, delicious and meaningful…. Islamic Ruling Saudi Gazette — If you even approach an astrologer, Allah will not hear your prayers for forty days….

Doom Debunked Cornell Sun — Pole shift in planetary cataclysm is a red herring…at least, that part of it is….

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Astrology Epic YouTube — Epic, like in wide-screen. First trailer for lavish tale of female astrologer-philosopher Rachel Weisz trying to save the library at Alexandria hint: it burned, anyway …. Red Or Black? Examiner — Tibetans caught in astrological new year color dispute with communist government…. Against all odds and favorites, she only got two right….

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  4. Eyes On Skies Washington Times — Why, even astrologers are watching the one-shot, backwards, green comet Lulin, reports astonished DC daily…is it an omen? Fortune Mantra Business Standard — Ganesha opens his astrological arms to day traders…. UnderwaterHenge Chicago Tribune — Was mysterious underwater stone circle man-made, another ancient skywatch site? All In The Wrist The Times — Was it retrograde Uranus affliction that forced famed pianist to play with only one hand for four decades?