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On January 14, , Jupiter is square Neptune. At the time of the 2nd square June , you will be presented with an alternative solution, and by the time of the 3rd and final square September you will be changed by the experience and integrate a new approach to what Jupiter and Neptune mean for you. Both Jupiter and Neptune stand for spirituality, but while Jupiter is about what we believe to be true because this is how it has always been Jupiter rules social customs and religion , Neptune is about spirituality without frontiers.

On January 20th, , Sun enters Aquarius. Happy birthday to all Aquarius out there and welcome to the Aquarius season! In the coming month, we will all become a little bit more Aquarian than usual. Therefore, this eclipse is very Leo-like! Which house in your natal chart is ruled by Leo? In that respective area of your chart, you can expect a culmination of everything that happened in your life during the Leo-Aquarius Eclipse cycle, that started in February Venus and Jupiter are the most beneficial planets in astrology, and when they meet, great things happen.

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We have a Venus-Jupiter conjunction every year, but this year the conjunction is especially beneficial because Jupiter is in domicile in Sagittarius. And as you know, Venus is connected with the good things in life. Make sure you mark your calendar! On January 24th, , after a speed ride in Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius , one of its favorite signs. Mercury, also known as the messenger of Gods, comes in on feather-like wings to brings us messages we should really listen to.

Aquarius is an Air sign, and Mercury loves air signs because Mercury and Air share the same qualities: communication, awareness, curiosity, and objectivity. The coming 3 weeks are great for any activities that involve the intellect: learning, absorbing information, reading, social networking, getting in contact with other people, or doing group activities. We are in the middle of the current Mercury cycle. This is the superior Sun-Mercury conjunction and it has the qualities of a Full Moon.

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This means that Sun conjunct Mercury will bring to fruition what you started at the time of the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction, on November 27th, Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. I love how clear, concise and organized your monthly readings are. It makes it so much easier to keep track during the month — Thank you! Happy New Year!! Your predictions for the beginning of the year have been surprising accurate so far! Happy New Year! Spot on. An absolute dream job. It was a panel interview and went really well.

Looking forward to your February predictions. Wow, congratulations, what a wonderful Venus conjunct Jupiter story! January 24th, — Mercury Enters Aquarius On January 24th, , after a speed ride in Capricorn, Mercury enters Aquarius , one of its favorite signs.

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Thanks for speaking this. I was feeling a similar way. I love this site and am so grateful for the sharing, but the political lens felt out of place. When we can expand our awareness beyond our personal needs, we can see that we are part of a greater collective and that understanding deepens our experience and connection with all of life.

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We are here to grow and evolve as individuals and as humanity. The astrology and astrologers I feature on the site speak to both our personal evolution and also to the collective energetics of our time. The work we do individually in each of our lives, to awaken, to expand our understanding of ourselves, each other and the vibrational universe we inhabit, to become more compassionate and kind, to unabashedly break out of the box and express our uniqueness and creativity, to be vulnerable and true, all of this individual work affects the whole.

All change begins within and then manifests in the outer world through us. I always say take what is helpful and leave the rest. There are many ways, many paths, many perspectives. But the mystics of all faiths, and many Beings who have walked and walk this Earth can attest to the underlying interconnectedness of it All. Beyond all forms and all appearances, we are ONE… An interconnected whole made up of many diverse parts. And we are slowly, but surely making our way beyond the polarities toward deeper understanding. Easier said than done.

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One thing to know it another to embody it. LF says:.

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What an honest, valid, and respectful response. Why are you so upset over the truth? Yeah no one really cares about your illusion. So grateful for the diversity of opinions, for this welcome table of conversation. Thank U, MM, for yes, allowing the tough aspects of political power to be intertwined in our celestial understanding. With more of us engaged and willing to stand up for each other, we can find the true peace of the universe.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Samira Morrar says:. I so appreciate these readings, so excited for this new year and so much expanding potential that is feeling so grounded and stable within the realm of all that is creative and ethereal. Bridging heaven and earth, feels amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a consultant sent resource of insight and inspiration, I appreciate you and the work you do immensely! Why the hell are we saying sorry for standing up for ourselves??? No excuses! Thank you MM for patience with us all and for carrying on with love. Leroy says:. Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved.

Shop Info Privacy. The question is, Why now? We must begin listening to the body and heeding its wisdom. Love and value all you do for us. Jenn says: Jan 16, Reply. Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful New Moon. Marla says: Jan 16, Reply. OMG Love your blog! You are adorable and a breath of fresh air! CyndiC says: Jan 16, Reply. Eternally grateful for you love and willingness to share!!!

Happy new Moon!

Your horoscope for one of the year's most intense full moons | Well+Good

Dinah says: Jan 16, Reply. Thank you:. Wow your art is beautiful!

LeQuan Silas says: Jan 16, Reply. Happy New Moon everyone. Nadine Lee says: Jan 16, Reply.

bgd.qc.ca/tracer-methods-for-in-vivo-kinetics-theory.php So attuned wow! Cynthia Brissette says: Jan 16, Reply.