10 january 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope

Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon: 2020 January 10
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Saros Eclipses are not isolated events, but part of larger patterns of eclipses — the Metonic and Saros cycles. The Metonic cycle is an exact recurrence of the same eclipse at the same degree every 19 years - for 4 to 5 consecutive times. The Saros Cycle is a series of eclipses which reoccur every 18 years and 11 days and 8 hours. There are Saros series, and each can contain 69 to 86 eclipses.

LUNAR ECLIPSE – 16 JULY 12222: Under the spiraling gyre – Part I

Eclipses from the same Saros cycle do not occur at the same place in the chart. A cycle begins with an eclipse near one of the pole, and completes in the opposite pole. Since Prince William, Catherine, and Queen Elizabeth are all born with Nodes in Cancer Capricorn, and two of them on the actual eclipse day, they now reach their 18th and 19th year cycle where the Saros and Metonic cycles return.

We can expect dramatic changes as this seems to affect the whole family who have planets if not Nodes in these regions of the chart. While eclipses can surely go unnoticed at times, these eminent alignments seem too dramatic to be mere tabloid drama and business as usual.

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Can we expect important family developments, or even a change of guard, triggered by events taking place between now and July ? The first thoughts about a possible change may direct us to the elders in the dynasty.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

It seems that while the Taurus Sun queen comfortably holds on to her material incarnation, even her blue blood cannot grant her immortality. The report is simply uncanny in its accuracy. Every now and then, when someone close to us dies, a terrorist attack wounds our country, or some other personal crisis shakes us up, we are startled awake for a moment and behold a landscape we scarcely recognize. Our instinct, then, is to turn away as quickly as possible and return to the latitudes of home.

The Latitudes of Home: Working with Eclipse Cycles — Because it is painful to remember the scary moments of the past or contemplate the uncertainty of the future, we tend to go through life ignoring the reality that our entire lives can be irrevocably changed in an instant.

Dancing in the Dark: Eclipses and the Cycle of Healing Crisis — The cycle of eclipses moving through the houses of the horoscope represent a cycle of resolution and healing. The house axis highlighted by current eclipses shows where you face a critical point — a crisis — related to the houses involved and the planets placed in them.


Only you can know which it is, and self-honesty is vital now more than ever. Here you will also feel the impact from a lunar eclipse, but often more in the long-term than at the actual time of the eclipse. Your emotional responses in this area will mature as a result of the eclipse and you will gain a broader and wiser perspective upon the affairs of this house and how best to move them forward. July — January Eris Retrograde. North Node in Cancer to May Uranus in Taurus to April Donations help us provide the free content on the site.

Lunar Eclipse Local Timings

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Cancer Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

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